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Finding new nickel camps in komatiite rocks

This presentation was given at the Kalgoorlie 2007 “Old ground. New knowledge” conference in Kagoorlie, Western Australia in September 2007.

Its focus is squarely on the targeting and identification from early mineralisation indicators of a new nickel camp.

Steve Beresford

Unfortunately the PDF file is large and so has been cut into three for faster download.

Exploration implications for a new style of Ni-Cu-PGE mineralisation

Shakespeare deposit location
My 2008 paper, ‘Palaeoproterozoic Ni–Cu–PGE mineralisation in the Shakespeare intrusion, Ontario, Canada: a new style of Nipissing gabbro-hosted mineralisation’, published in the Transactions of the IMM, describes a novel type of base metal-PGE mineralisation with significant economic implications.

Rebecca Sproule

The abstract can be accessed through this link sproule_2008_imm_abstract.pdf

Exploration targeting for PGE in Ontario

PGE occurrence locations

Here is an advance copy of the paper that I am presenting at GAC-MAC 2008 conference in Quebec City, Canada at the end of May: ‘PGE potential of Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusions in Ontario: Vectors to PGE mineralization and where next…..’ sproule_2008_gac.pdf

Rebecca Sproule