Palladium shortfall will worsen this year

Johnson Mathey’s recently published “PGM Market Report”  flags:

  • Strong growth in autocatalyst demand will drive the palladium market further into deficit in 2019.
  • Recycling should rise again, but there is little prospect of growth in primary supplies.
  • With ETF holdings now at 730,000 oz, disinvestment can no longer bridge thesupply gap.
  • In January 2019, the palladium price hit new all-time records and lease rates remainedexceptionally high.

As of 14 February 2019, the palladium price stood at USD1390/oz – a USD84 premium to the gold price.  The palladium price has increased by 40% over the previous year.

Newgenco’s Dablo Project remains the most exciting palladium-dominant exploration project outside of the producing mineral fields in Russia, South Africa and Zimbabwe

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