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China’s fight against smog makers palladium 2018’s best performing metal

Bloomberg  (20 November 201) reported that palladium prices are shattering record highs, and investors are betting that tight supplies mean the bull run is just getting started.

The metal, used in pollution-control devices in cars, has jumped almost 9% this year in New York, the best performance among major metals. Demand is roaring thanks to China, which is on a mission to reduce smog emissions. Tougher pollution standards mean carmakers are using more of the commodity in catalytic converters.

Global palladium production is falling short of the robust demand, and market forecasters including Citigroup Inc. are projecting further price gains ahead. Hedge funds are also wagering on an extended rally, with the biggest positive bet on the metal since early March.

Newgenco’s Dablo Project in NE Burkina Faso covers a number of strongly mineralised targets where palladium dominates the metal budget.