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Two new prospects confirm high potential of Dablo Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusive Complex (DUMIC) for precious-metal rich magmatic sulphides

At the Dablo Project in NE Burkina Faso, reconnaissance RC drilling in March–April 2018 of targets within the Dablo Ultramafic-Matic Intrusive Complex (DUMIC) has resulted in the discovery of two new prospects, with significant multi-element intercepts returned from similar cumulate rocks to the Dablo North prospect.

At Tangaseiga, located 1.8 km SSW of Dablo North, a single discovery hole DBRC2018-13 returned multiple significant mineralised intersects; results which include:

  • 24 m @ 1.74 g/t Pd+Pt+Au, 0.37% Ni, 0.08% Cu from 8 m
    • including 12m@2.46g/tPd+Pt+Au,0.46%Ni,0.10%Cu from 12m
  • 6 m @ 2.50 g/t Pd+Pt+Au, 0.28% Ni, 0.11% Cu from 46 m
  • 5 m @ 1.33 g/t Pd+Pt+Au, 0.19% Ni, 0.08% Cu from 72 m; and
  • 5 m @ 2.70 g/t Pd+Pt+Au, 0.33% Ni, 0.13% Cu from 89

This result is significant as it delivered multiple mineralised intervals down the hole, confirming the potential for multiple zones of Pd-Pt-Au-Ni-Cu mineralisation along the 6 km of target zone identified so-far in the DUMIC. This zone is open in all directions and warrants additional drilling to determine the geometry and scale of the mineralisation. The magnetic target zone at Tangaseiga is around 500m in length.

At La Forge, located 3.5km southwest of Dablo North, discovery holes DBRC2018-09 and 10, drilled around 500m apart, returned the following significant mineralised intervals respectively:

  • 12 m @ 3.00 g/t Pd+Pt+Au, 0.50% Ni, 0.09% Cu from 66m; and
  • 8 m @ 0.67 g/t Pd+Pt+Au, 0.30% Ni from 154m;
    • including 2 m @ 1.88 g/t Pd+Pt+Au, 0.33% Ni, 0.13% Cu from 156m.

Hole DBRC2018-11 was drilled 300m west of DBRC2018-10, and returned no significant results. Company geologists now believe that this hole likely did not test the potentially mineralised horizon.

Results at Tangaseiga and La Forge confirm the potential for multiple zones of palladium-dominant Pd-Pt-Au-Ni-Cu magmatic sulphide mineralisation along the 6 km of target zone identified so-far within the DUMIC, within an anomalous interpreted and mostly untested trend of over 30 km length (the Dablo Corridor) inside the Dablo Project tenure.

NEWA Burkina activities in Burkina Faso

Professional services company TTG and its sister organisation Teng Tuuma Geosciences Institute of Ouagadougou (ITTGO) has posted a promotional video on Utube that includes clips of Newgenco’s recent RC drill program at Dablo and an interview with John Simmonds over the operational and educational relationship between NEWA, TTG and ITTGO. The interview overviews the >7 years of successful cooperation between the companies.

Dablo RC drilling update

NEWA has completed a 3000m RC drilling program theDabloPd-Pt-Au-Ni-CuProject.

Highlights were:

  • 3,000m RC drilling programme completed at Dablo PGE-Au-Ni-Cu project
  • Fourteen of the seventeen holes completed encountered visible sulfides with elevated copper values (pXRF results)
  • Previous exploration results indicate PGE, gold and nickel mineralisation usually associated with Cu values
  • Assays results expected late June 2018
  • Regional exploration activities continuing

Dablo RC drilling results

Results have been received from  eight RC holes drilled in late-2017 at the DabloPd-Pt-Au-Ni-CuProject in Burkina Faso.

Highlights were:

  • Encouraging RC drilling results received from Dablo PGE-Au-Ni-Cu Project
  • Results confirm wide polymetallic intersects
  • Best result 30m @ 2.63 g/t Pd+Pt+Au; 0.51% Ni; 0.13% Cu from 35m
  • Additional targets along Dablo Main Intrusion being assessed
  • 3,000m follow up RC drilling program underway

Q4 2014 update: First Quantum Ni-Cu joint ventures in West Africa

D anomaly_randomAs at the end of Q4 2014, Newgenco Exploration (West Africa) Pty Ltd’s JV’s in West Africa with First Quantum Minerals reports that:

On the Dablo Ni-Cu-PGE project in Burkina Faso (Newgenco Pty Ltd joint venture) an airborne Electromagnetic (EM) survey was completed in Q4. Preliminary results are encouraging; final results and interpretation are awaited.

Q3 2014 update: First Quantum nickel-copper joint ventures in West Africa
















As at the end of Q3 2014, Newgenco Exploration (West Africa) Pty Ltd’s JV’s in West Africa with First Quantum Minerals reports that:

On the Dablo nickel-copper project in Burkina Faso (Newgenco Pty Ltd joint venture), results from five reconnaissance diamond drill holes have returned some encouraging results although the scale of the defined mineralization appears limited. The Company has now earned 51% of the project and is expected to take over management from Newgenco.

Q2 2014 update: First Quantum nickel-copper joint ventures in West Africa

Dablo_dust storm at rig_350


As at the end of Q2 2014, Newgenco Exploration (West Africa) Pty Ltd’s JV’s in West Africa with First Quantum Minerals reports that:

On the Dablo project in Burkina Faso, diamond drilling was completed on one of several nickel-copper targets; assay results are awaited.

BOE announce 23m of semi-massive and disseminated sulphides from Skogtrask maiden drill hole

BOE Skogtrask drill core_350

Boss Resources announced visual results from its maiden drill program at its Skogtrask Nickel Copper Project in Sweden (JV with Newgenco Exploration (Fennoscandia) Pty Ltd).

Diamond drill hole Boss 1 intersected 23m of semi massive and disseminated nickel sulphide mineralisation from 111m to 134m

Boss receives approvals for maiden drill program at Skogtrask Ni/Cu project

20140618 Plan view of C6 conductors with proposed drillholes BOSS 1 and 2

Boss Resources has received approval from the County Administration Board (CAB) to commence its maiden diamond drill program at Newgenco groups Skogtrask Ni/Cu JV project in northern Sweden.

Base of till drilling is planned for 10 EM targets prior to next stage assessment.

To access the full ASX release, link here

Boss Resources identifies additional conductors at Skogtrask

BOE_2014 New conductors image_20140429_smallBoss Resources  has announced that it has completed the processing and analysis of data from the second fixed TEM loop at Newgenco group’s  Skogtrask Ni-Cu JV project in northern Sweden. Four additional bedrock conductors have been identified.

Boss has the right to acquire a 100% interest in the property

Boss Technical Director, Peter Williams, states:

We know we have conductive Ni-Cu sulphides (which are magmatic) from the drilling as well as graphitic (non-magnetic) and both of these are good geological components that make an exciting magmatic Ni/Cu prospect.  The next stage of the exploration is to chase the conductive system down plunge to where it is more conductive and more magnetic  with small focussed program of drilling and down-hole TEM.

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