Investor Alliances

Newgenco aims to be the global leader in the discovery and development of new, high-quality economically viable Ni-Cu-PGE resources.

We grow through the alliances built with private, corporate and institutional financiers to discover valuable new resource assets.

Each new Newgenco company is taken through a careful sequence of development and capital raising stage-gates:

  1. Is the geographic focus one of the most prospective places in the world for discovery of new high-quality nickel-copper resources? That also has potential for synergistic discovery of other commodities?
  2. Have we identified a sufficient portfolio of high-quality exploration projects to seed the new alliance or company?
  3. Can we realistically anticipate a future pipeline of new opportunities?
  4. Do we have the people in place to make a success of the new alliance or company?
  5. What is the most effective business structure to maximise value: private company, listed company or corporate alliance?
  6. Which investors or companies would add most value as financing partners?
  7. For a public company, what will be the appropriate stock exchange and listing strategy?

If you would like to learn more about our business models and new development plans, contact us here.