About Us

Our global business is designed around:

  • Massively experienced, multi-disciplinary teams of entrepreneurially-motivated explorers; supported by
  • Cutting-edge area selection methodologies to get the field validation teams to the best targets for discovery; and
  • State-of-art direct detection technologies to get the drill rigs pointed at the best places to hit sulphide ore, where each target has potential to develop into a mineable resource.

Every Newgenco company is designed from the ground up as an alliance between our discovery team and corporations and investors who are comfortable with the risks and rewards of early-stage (pre-drilling) resource exploration.

Driven by discovery, we are committed to continual improvement in the probability of exploration success (p-success) and to industry leadership in return on investment. We use the same risk management strategies as venture capitalist investors to maximise financial returns to all stakeholder in our companies and alliances.

A committed believer in the logic and value of open innovation, Newgenco uses technical alliances with other organisations to identify, develop and test new targeting methodologies, cutting-edge detection technologies and innovative management strategies.